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Our main & regular hockey program season for the 8U age groups starting in Late August and concluding in early March.

Practices follow USA Hockey's American Development Model (ADM) and incorporate small groups in a station based format. We place a strong emphasis on skill development of the ABCs (Agility, Balance, Coordination). Players are evaluated and assigned to teams based on skill and skating abilities.  This team concept, along with our group development model, fosters increased development opportunities  and increase the athlete's enjoyment and proficiency in the game of hockey.


While our program is certainly designed to help improve a child’s skating abilities, we do require children to have some experience in skating before signing up. Since the fundamentals of playing hockey involve skating, we want to make sure children who have an interest in playing are starting off correctly with the tools to succeed.



For the 2019-20 season, Chesterfield Hockey will be moving into the new Maryville University Hockey Center. Located in the Chesterfield Valley, this will be the new primary home for the Chesterfield Falcons.

Please note: Evaluations may take place at Pacific Rink. We will inform everyone as we get closer to the opening of the Maryville University Hockey Center. The Chesterfield Hockey Association will also retain ownership of the Pacific Rink, and will utilize it as an auxiliary rink as needed.


In addition to our normal co-ed program, we are excited to announce our 2019-2020 inaugural season of the Lady Falcons, an all-girls program!

The Lady Falcons will be an integrated part of the overall Chesterfield hockey program and will work within the CHA development model; focusing on edge work, skills and hockey concepts, just as all CHA teams do. They will have access to the full resources of the association, including advanced goalie training, while playing as all girls teams.

They will additionally compete in the Missouri Hockey Youth Division, at the 6U, 8U, 10U & 12U levels. We currently are not planning on fielding a Lady Falcons team at the 14U level (should that change we will update appropriately).

This is an open district program so any lady player from across the St. Louis area is welcome to participate. There is no ZIP code restriction. 

Questions Regarding Lady Falcons
If you have any specific questions regarding the Lady Falcons program, please reach out to:

Greg Long
Coordinator, Lady Falcons Program


The 8U program is the natural progression after the U6 program. Just as with our U6 program, CHA follows the guidelines of USA Hockey and the ADM (American Development Model). The proven model provides players with a strictly skill and skating based program for development. The 8U program is a development based program with a focus on skating and skill but with an emphasis in exposing the players to the game; again in a relaxed environment.

For the 8U age group, all games are conducted as Half-Ice (meaning from the Goalie crease to the Center Red line ), in accordance with the USA Hockey standards for this age group. This small area game focus gives players greater ability to participate in small area stick handling situations while emphasizing on skating edge work.

For the upcoming season, the age groups are:

  • 8U: 2011 & 2012 birth years
  • This includes Girls (Lady Falcons) & Boys

Evaluations are not Tryouts. Evaluations are a mechanism we utilize to appropriately group kids with other similar kids, based on their current skill sets. This method allows us to ensure players are appropriately matched with a team & teammates of similar skill level. Over the course of a few days, we will run the kids through drills & game situations. Our coaches and independent evaluators will observe the kids during these evaluation sessions & sub divide them after each session. Following the conclusion of evaluations, we will inform players of their team placement for the season.

Players are expected to attend all evaluation sessions unless otherwise told.

Additional details regarding evaluations will be sent to all registrants & posted on this webpage prior to the start of evaluations.


Evaluations have now concluded for the 2019-2020 season.

The following cost only pertains to the club cost to sign up for the season. Club fees cover practice ice and league game ice times, plus this year's new uniforms. The costs below do not include any team fees which will be additional costs to be factored in, which may include but are not limited to: Tournament fees, Party fees, or any other necessary fees the individual teams and coaches deem necessary to provide the best experience for the team. Team fees are not optional so in fairness to all individuals on the team, we require any additional team fees to be equally split among the families of those teams, unless other mutual agreements have been put into place by the teams.

All team fees, collection & disbursements will be managed at the individual team level by the team manager. Team managers will be determined at the team level after teams are formed (please consider volunteering for this crucial role). The club encourages teams to fundraise when possible to help offset any possible team cost.

8U Club Cost for the 2019-20 Season

  • Pay it all now: $1095

    - OR - 
  • Select the 4 installment payment plan (Total $1125):

    • $281.25 - (First payment) Due at the time of registration

    • $281.25 - (Second payment) Due on Oct 1

    • $281.25 - (Third payment) Due on Nov 1

    • $281.25 - (Fourth payment) Due on Dec 1

All payments are automatically withdrawn from the credit card used at the time of registration. Installment payment will be equally split. Should you choose the installment payment plan, an extra $30 will be added to the overall total of your club cost - to cover credit card processing fees.

In addition the following will be incurred during your initial registration. This is a one time process this regular season.

  • $12 Missouri Hockey Fee
  • $50 Capital Contribution Fund
    This August we will open the Maryville University Hockey Center, a state-of-the-art ice and multi-sport facility in Chesterfield Valley! This exciting project will help the club thrive and grow throughout the next several decades. As highlighted during the project planning stages, our funding for the project has come from many different sources, with almost a 1/3 (big and small) from a great number of generous donors from across the community. To date, these contributions have total several millions of dollars; with contributions continuing to be pledged as we near construction completion of the project. As we work towards reducing our bank loan debt through methods including / but not limited to - additional facility program revenue, cost reductions, continuous ongoing capital campaigns, and etc. - we have implemented a Capital Contribution Fund of $50 for all club members. This fund is a once a year charge (during the regular season), and it will be utilized to reduce our additional debts as soon as possible. We appreciate your understanding and support!
  • 2019-20 USA Hockey Membership
    Free this season for players born in 2013 or later / $46 for players born in 2012 or earlier. If you already signed up for your 2019-20 USA Hockey Membership Number as part of a Summer program, you will not need to re-complete this process. Just reference that number during registration. USA Hockey Membership Numbers are good for 1 year.

For our 8U age group, the cost of game jerseys & socks is factored into the club fee listed above. This season we are changing the style of the game jerseys, which will require a fitting session to ensure proper sizing is ordered. 

Fitting Date:
You must attend one of the following date:

We will hold a pre-season informative parent meeting on:

  • Stay tuned

Registration has now closed. Please reach out to Cory Kraft below if you have any questions.


Cory Kraft
Director of Learn to Play, 6U (Mini-Mites) & 8U (Mites)

Greg Long
Coordinator, Lady Falcons Program

Gary Tockman
Director, Operations, Coaching & Player Development