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Learn to Play - Initiation Program

Winter Learn to Play

Program Description: Our Learn to Play program is a fun way for kids to get introduced to the sport of ice hockey. We offer most of the gear for a small deposit that is returned when you return the gear, so this program is a great way to allow your player to test out the sport without the financial commitment. Our goals are to develop a fun learning experience while teaching the very basics of the sport of hockey. We will cover both skating and puck skills while progressing in a fun manner. Our certified on-ice coaches get the children to develop through a variety of practice drills and fun informal games.

Frequency: We offer Learn to Play sessions 4 times a year, even in Summer, so it’s never too late or too early to learn how to play hockey.


  • Winter Learn to Play begins on November 30th.
  • Full schedule coming soon


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  • $99 for the Fall session.
  • Equipment & USA Hockey membership not included in cost.
    • Rental equipment is available. A $150 deposit check is required - refundable upon return of equipment. Not all equipment is provided as part of our rental program. See below for details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Isn’t Ice Hockey Expensive?
We know there is a perception that hockey can be expensive. While the cost of ice per hour and hockey equipment drives much of this perception, Chesterfield Hockey wants to make sure every child who has an interest in trying out hockey, has that opportunity. Our low introductory price along with our equipment rental program is designed to allow parents and children an opportunity to try ice hockey at an extremely reasonable cost.

How Safe is Hockey?
While all sports include some level of risk, ice hockey is very safe if played in the correct manner. In Ice Hockey, children are required to wear protective gear that covers much of their body, so while the risk is not zero, it is greatly reduced.

Additionally all players are required to register and become a member with USA Hockey. Membership with USA Hockey includes insurance. Read more about USA Hockey Membership Benefits.

How Old Does My Child Have to Be?
Our Learn to Play program is designed for children 4 and older, and this is usually the average age that signs up. That said, if you have a child who is much older and wants to try hockey out for the first time, they are also welcome.

Will You Teach My Child How To Skate?
While our program is certainly designed to help improve a child’s skating abilities, we do require children to have some experience in skating before signing up. Since the fundamentals of playing hockey involve skating, we want to make sure children who have an interest in playing are starting off correctly with the tools to succeed. 

It is recommended that participants have the ability to skate the width of the ice on their own before enrolling in our LTP program

My Child Plays Multiple Sports, How Flexible is Hockey?
Our Learn to Play program typically meets once a week. While our programs for older kids will meet more frequently, it is important to know we encourage kids to play multiple sports. Chesterfield Hockey offers different levels of programs at different intensity level based on skillsets, desires and cost. This allows us to offer a vast range of programs to match the interest level of our club members.

What are your different levels of play after Learn to Play?
Once you become “indoctrinated” to Ice Hockey, you may start hearing age group terms like “Mini-Mites (6U)”, “Mites (8U)”, “Squirts (10U)”, “PeeWees (12U)”, “Bantams (14U)” & “Midgets (16U & 18U)” along with programs like “ADM”, “GRHL”, “Missouri Hockey Travel”, and “Central States”. Fear not, we’ll explain it all.

I’ve heard there is a ZIP Code restriction for kids who want to sign up. Can you explain more?
Sure! Every Ice Hockey Club in St. Louis is governed by an organizational body called “Missouri Hockey.” Missouri Hockey is in turn governed by “USA Hockey.”

In order to fairly balance the number of registrants at each ice hockey club, Missouri Hockey requires players to live within certain ZIP codes in relation to what ice hockey club they can sign up to attend. For Chesterfield Hockey, our ZIP codes are the following:

  • 63005, 63025, 63038, 63040, 63069, 63011, 63017
  • or one of the following open Zip Codes: 63019, 63026, 63028, 63103, 63104, 63106, 63107, 63113, 63115, 63118, 63120, 63121, 63137, 63140, 62236 (Additionally for those open ZIP codes not listed; in general any ZIP code located west or south of Pacific, MO is considered an open ZIP code which would allow you to register with Chesterfield Hockey. If you have any questions, please reach out to us for further information.)

If you do not see your ZIP code listed, it will be necessary to have you register at the ice hockey club associated with your ZIP code. We’ve linked to the listing of ZIP codes on Missouri Hockey’s website. This will help you identify which ice hockey club you should reach out to. If it all seems confusing, no worries we’re glad to help answer your questions.

If you are registering a sibling of an OTT (One Time Transfer) player (see Section F, Sub Section 10 of the MO Hockey Youth Rules and Policies) please reach out to us prior to registering.

Is there any travel involved?
Not at the Learn to Play level. As children get older, there is the possibility of travel involved (either to different rinks in the St. Louis area OR out of town), but all of this is tied to the program level they sign up for and the individual teams. Again Chesterfield Hockey offers programs for all skills and desires, including a program that involves no travel if that is your desire. For the Learn to Play level though, you don’t need to worry about it.

I would like to rent the hockey equipment, what is included and who do I contact? Our equipment rental program offers much but not all of the required equipment for a deposit cost of $150 (refundable after returning of the equipment). Rental equipment items are subject to stock availability.

Items Included (subject to availability):

  • Gloves
  • Shin pads
  • Pants
  • Elbow pads
  • Shoulder pads
  • Bag
  • Jersey

Items NOT Included: (Must be independently purchased or acquired).

  • Skates
  • Stick
  • Hockey Socks (to go over shin pads)
  • Cup
  • Helmet
  • Mouth Guard

We recommend buying these items at Pure Hockey, located near Lowes in Chesterfield Valley.

If you are interested in renting equipment, see below:

Next Equipment Fitting Sessions

  • Please bring a check (we can not accept cash or credit cards) made payable to Chesterfield Hockey Association for $150.
  • The equipment fitting session will be on "TBD (stay tuned)". You will meet at our white storage container, which is on the left side of the building next to the zamboni garage door. If there is bad weather, then meet in lobby.

Additional Questions?
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