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Welcome to the Home of Chesterfield Hockey Association

Winter Learn to Play Program

Registration for our Winter Learn to Play program is now available.

Starts: January 5th
Length: 8 sessions
Cost: $99

Registration is now closed

Program Details can be read below

Successful Passage: "Proposition P" and" Proposition T"

We are excited to announce the successful passage of "Proposition P" and" Proposition T" by the voters of the Chesterfield Valley Transportation Development District. This is the TDD monies we were seeking that will fund up to $7M of infrastructure improvements for the proposed new ice rinks in Chesterfield. The vote passed overwhelmingly by a 2-1 margin reflecting the continued support of the Chesterfield community for the addition of first class sport and recreational facilities.

This vote of approval is a critical and very important milestone towards our goal of replacing the Hardee's Iceplex with a state of the art facility we call the Chesterfield Sportscomplex. The Complex will provide much needed ice time for ice sports as well as recreational facilities for youth and adults. This community asset will attract local and regional sporting events and tournaments while generating jobs and tourism dollars for local businesses just like the Hardee's Iceplex did before. It will also help St. Louis sustain and grow its reputation as a first-tier hockey and sports town. The new Complex is a public-private partnership and will be owned and operated by the Chesterfield Hockey Association, a non-profit organization.

Our next steps are to initiate the site plan approval and design process and to secure the necessary bank financing to start construction by August 2018. We need your help with various fundraising activities. You can contact us by sending an email with your name and fundraising ideas to the board email address listed below.

We thank the City of Chesterfield, our club members, and all our supporters for your continued support. Stay connected to our project thru our Facebook site, the Chesterfield sports complex site, and our club website at the addresses listed below.

The Board of Directors of the Chesterfield Hockey Association



Team Rosters

The following team rosters are now available. 

Club Facebook Pages

Stay up to date on the latest club news by joining our 3 Facebook pages!

Chesterfield Hockey Association Facebook page
News and updates specific to the club.

Pacific Rink Facebook page
News and schedules specific to the rink (includes non-club stuff - including general public related items)

Chesterfield Sports Complex project Facebook page
Includes news about our project in Chesterfield Valley


Thank you! Please help support our sponsors and partners. You can reach their websites by clicking on the logos below.


Our New Home Rink
460 Indian Warpath
Pacific, MO 63069
Google Map Directions

Rink Facebook Page
(Includes Public Schedules)

Public Ice Schedule for Pacific Rink

  • Figure Skating (Skaters & Coaches)
  • Stick 'N Puck (Helmet required)
  • Public Skate (Must bring your own skates)


Volunteer opportunities will be posted here throughout the year as they become available. Keep checking back. 


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