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The 6U program is normally a player's first introduction to ice hockey, but it is also the natural progression after the Learn to Play program. Our regular hockey program season for the 6U age groups starting in Late August and concluding in February. Practices follow USA Hockey's American Development Model (ADM) and incorporate small groups in a station based format. The 6U program is a development based program with a focus on skating and skill but with an emphasis in exposing the players to the game; again in a relaxed environment. By developing these skills you increase the athlete's enjoyment and proficiency in the game of hockey.

For the 6U age group, all games are conducted as Cross-Ice (meaning parallel with the blue line), in accordance with the USA Hockey standards for this age group. This small area game focus gives players greater ability to participate in small area stick handling situations while emphasizing on skating edge work.

Skating Requirements

While our program is certainly designed to help improve a child’s skating abilities, we do require children to have some experience in skating before signing up. Since the fundamentals of playing hockey involve skating, we want to make sure children who have an interest in playing are starting off correctly with the tools to succeed.

2021-2022 Season Information

Birth Years: For the upcoming 2021-2022 regular season, the 6U age groups are:

  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2017

Girls will be grouped together by default within 6U.

ZIP Code Rules:

  • Only apply to Boys teams. Reach out for specifics.
  • Girls from any ZIP code may sign up for All-Girls Lady Falcons teams.


All payments are automatically withdrawn from the credit card used at the time of registration. Installment payment will be equally split. Should you choose the installment payment plan, an extra $30 will be added to the overall total of your club cost - to cover credit card processing fees.

6U Boys

6U Girls
(Lady Falcons)

Same prices for both programs.



- OR -


Select the 4 installment payment plan. This will automatically be deducted on the following dates (An extra $30 is added to cover credit card processing fees).

Due Now

Due on Oct 1

Due on Nov 1

Due on Dec 1

Grand Total

ZIP Code rules

  • GIRLS: Any girl, regardless of their home ZIP code; may enroll in our Lady Falcons Girls program. ZIP code rules do not apply.
  • BOYS: Are bound to the MO Hockey ZIP code districting rules. View this list on the MO Hockey site. If you do not see your ZIP, please reach out. Additionally please ask if you have questions.

These fees DO NOT include Team Fees, which are in addition to Club Fees. Contribution towards Team Fees IS NOT OPTIONAL.


Note: We reserve the right to adjust these dates for any reason.

In House Program: Our 6U program is an internal hockey program, focused on the development of our players in fun and structured environment. Players will focus on skating, hockey fundamentals and participate in internal 3v3 cross ice games against each other - while occasionally participating in external jamborees (tournaments without score keeping) against other clubs.

6U Boys

6U Girls
(Lady Falcons)

Last Day to Register

August 25th

Season Start

Right around Labor Day. Check back in early August for more specific details.

Parent Meeting

Stay tuned for more details. It will be closer to the start of the season.

Jersey Fittings

Date to be announced soon

Pre-Skates & Evaluations

We do not hold a pre-season pre-skate or evaluation session for the 6U age group.

More specifics to follow as we get closer to the start of the season.



FYI: As you start to replace their equipment as they outgrow it, we ask that you please be aware of the following. By the time they get to the 10U age level it will be mandatory to have these colors.

Black helmet, black pants (main color) and black gloves (main color). It's okay if there are accent colors of white or red; but the main color must be black.

Primary Color


Allowable Accent Colors (Optional)



Our club warm ups / track suits are optional for 6U players.

Payment is due at the time of fitting. Fitting date is still to be determined.

Warm Ups / Track Suits


Game Jerseys & Socks

For the 6U group, we've already baked this cost into the Club Fee. They will get a reversible game jersey & a set of game socks as part of registration.

Fitting date is still to be determined.


Step 1

As part of our brand new club website; everyone will be required to create a new registration profile (User name and Password). This is a 1 time effort. Use the Create Account button below. It will open up a new webpage window. Return to this page to complete registration once you have created your new User Name and Password.

Create a New Account

Note: If you have already created a User Name and Password on the MaryvilleUHC.com website or PacificIceRink.com website; you can skip this step. Just use that same User Name and Password in Step 2 (we're using the same vendor for both sites - so your user name and password will work on both sites.) You can also skip this step if you have already logged into the ChesterfieldHockey.com website.

  • Add a Spouse: Don't forget to associate a spouse with children under your account. If you haven't already, here are the simple steps to complete that process. This is necessary for you both to be able to utilize the CrossBar mobile app once the season starts. Learn how!

Step 2

Return to this webpage and choose the correct registration option below. This will then take you to the registration form.



Gary Tockman

Hockey Operations - Coaches & Player Development

Greg Papuga

Communications & Secretary (& Tech Support)

Tim McCarthy

Coordinator, 6U Program

Derrick Tackett

Coordinator, Lady Falcons Program

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