6U Program

Brand New to Hockey?

Learn more about our Learn to Skate & Learn to Play programs!


The 6U program is normally a player's first introduction to ice hockey, but it is also the natural progression after the Learn to Play program. Our regular hockey program season for the 6U age groups starting in Late August and concluding in February. Practices follow USA Hockey's American Development Model (ADM) and incorporate small groups in a station based format. The 6U program is a development based program with a focus on skating and skill but with an emphasis in exposing the players to the game; again in a relaxed environment. By developing these skills you increase the athlete's enjoyment and proficiency in the game of hockey.

For the 6U age group, all games are conducted as Cross-Ice (meaning parallel with the blue line), in accordance with the USA Hockey standards for this age group. This small area game focus gives players greater ability to participate in small area stick handling situations while emphasizing on skating edge work.

Skating Requirements

While our program is certainly designed to help improve a child’s skating abilities, we do require children to have some experience in skating before signing up. Since the fundamentals of playing hockey involve skating, we want to make sure children who have an interest in playing are starting off correctly with the tools to succeed.

We retain the right to move players to a Learn to Play or Continue to Play program if it is deemed appropriate for their hockey development.

2022-2023 Season Information

It is 100% your responsibility to check that page for the latest updates on schedules and evaluation status. Check it frequently; especially after each evaluation. Anything is subject to change.

In House Program: Our 6U program is an internal hockey program, focused on the development of our players in fun and structured environment. Players will focus on skating, hockey fundamentals and participate in internal 3v3 cross ice games against each other - while occasionally participating in external jamborees (tournaments without score keeping) against other clubs.

Boys Teams


2022-2023 Regular Season Age Level Options:

  • 6U: 2016 & younger birth years

* ZIP code rules apply for Boys teams. See details on Missouri Hockey website

Club Fees:

  • $960

Does not include Team Fees.

All-Girls Teams

Lady Falcons

2022-2023 Regular Season Age Level Options:

  • 6U: 2016 & younger birth years
* ZIP code rule do not apply for All-Girls teams. You can live in any ZIP.

Club Fees:

  • $960

Does not include Team Fees.

Payment Options:

  • Pay the full club fee at time of registration
  • Choose the payment plan. Split into 4 equal installments. 1st installment due at time of registration. Remaining taken out automatically from your bank account / credit card account on Oct 1, Nov 1 & Dec 1.

* Team fees are not optional. In fairness to all individuals on the team, we require any additional team fees to be equally split among the families of those teams, unless other mutual agreements have been put into place by the teams.

Important Dates & Details

Note: We reserve the right to adjust these dates for any reason.


We will not hold a pre-skate for 6U.


We will not hold an evaluation for 6U.

Your season will start close to Labor Day. More detail will be communicated as we get closer to that date.

Game Jerseys & Socks

For our 6U group, the cost of game jerseys & game socks IS included in the club cost.

Fitting schedule coming soon. They WILL NEED to bring their shoulder pads and shin guards for fitting.

Required Equipment Colors

FYI: As you start to replace their equipment as they outgrow it, we ask that you please be aware of the following. By the time they get to the 10U age level it will be mandatory to have these colors.

Black helmet, black pants (main color) and black gloves (main color). It's okay if there are accent colors of red, white, gray or blue; but the main color must be black.

Primary Color


Allowable Accent Colors (Optional)


*Use blue sparingly

Volunteer Policy

Chesterfield Hockey Association is a volunteer organization dedicated to introducing youth to the world of ice hockey and providing them with opportunities to grow as both a player and an individual. Both on the ice and off the ice. Without the dedication of parents like you, we would not be able to provide the experience our kids will remember for a lifetime.

Every member will be asked to donate 4 hours of their time (per family) this season to help with a club level activity. Volunteer opportunities will be made available throughout the season. For families with multiple children playing with the Chesterfield Hockey Association, we will only require a volunteer commitment based on one child.

By agreeing to volunteer a minimum of 4 hours, you not only will help our club function at an efficient level in order to help keep cost down, you will be helping provide an opportunity for kids to grow as individuals.

At the end of the season, any unfulfilled volunteer obligations will be billed accordingly.

BUY OUT OPTION: Should you wish to buy out your volunteer commitment for the season - you will have that option through this registration, and will be charged an additional $100 to your credit card once you submit this registration. The Buy Out fee non-refundable.

Volunteer opportunities will be posted to the club website throughout the season.


Gary Tockman

Hockey Operations - Coaches & Player Development

Greg Papuga

Communications & Secretary (& Tech Support)

Brock Gale

Coordinator, 6U Program

Derrick Tackett

Coordinator, Lady Falcons Program


2022: 6U (Boys)

Registration now open.

  • Be registered by early August.
  • The deadline to complete registration will be communicated soon.


2022: 6U (All-Girls)

Registration now open.

  • Be registered by early August.
  • The deadline to complete registration will be communicated soon.

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