The players' fees that are paid to the club cover your team's ice allocation and officials for regular season and playoff games. The following is a list of expenses that your team will probably incur over the course of the season. (Prices listed are for example purposes only)

  1. Officials for Practice Games: ($50-$80 per game, per official)
  2. Tournament Entry Fees: ($900 to $1800 per tournament)
  3. Jamboree Fees (8U/6U only): ($250 to $900 per jamboree)
  4. Travel Permits: ($10-$30 per out-of-town tournament)
  5. Apparel: (Practice jerseys $20-40; team t-shirts $15)
  6. Coaches Gifts
  7. Team Parties

Non-Parent Coach Travel Costs 

  1. Food Per Diem
  2. Hotel Costs (if not comped by tournament)
  3. Travel Costs, including gas

Financial Statements

Best practice would be to share financial statements with parents each month of the season. These reports should show the team's overall financial position and a report for each specific parent/player.


Individual Team Fundraisers

Your team can choose to conduct a team fundraiser. Team fundraisers allows teams to raise funds that are directly tied to the families doing the fundraising. Some ideas of fundraising - 

  1. Selling TJ's Pizza
  2. Selling Candy
  3. Getting sponsorship from businesses 

**Apparel and Spirit items are not approved fundraising options.

All team fundraisers must be approved by the Volunteer Coordinator (Kristin Miller) or the CHA Board.  

The funds earned by each person are applied to their player's ledger. These funds can offset the costs of travel expenses.

Team Sponsorship

Your team reach out to businesses and individuals to sponsor your team. These sponsors can be add to team practice jerseys, team t-shirts, etc.

You can set up a team account in your name. If you have sponsors who want the tax deduction they will need to make payment to CHA and provide it to the club treasurer, Shelia Waddell. This would then be applied to your team account. 

Each team has an account set up with CHA. If you order anything through West County Tees & Embroidery or schedule refs it is charged to CHA. The club treasurer will pay the bill and then invoice your team. In the event you have donations that were made payable to CHA this would just be used to pay for these items. If you get more donations then you will spend on things such as refs and apparel you can send the club treasurer a tournament fee to pay with your donation money.  

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