Continuing Education

CHA is committed to helping our coaches plan and carry out their seasons with the intention of improving every player and producing winning team records. The foundation of the program is a series of progressive instruction manuals which outlines CHA's development expectations and provides curriculum appropriate to each age and skill level. The program includes the basic individual hockey skills, principles and team systems that need to be taught at each age level. To this make this happen, we are going to require all Chesterfield coaches are to actively participate in CHA's Continuing Education Program.

Key elements and requirements of the program will include:

  • A kick off meeting for all coaching applicants in mid to late August. The meeting objective will be to review CHA's overall coaching and player development philosophy as well as provide an overview of the Continuing Education Program.
  • Two additional coaching seminar sessions (approx. 2 -3 hours per session) throughout the year where additional information on practice planning, drill development, and other areas will be discussed.
  • Coaches completing individual player evaluations and feedback 3 times throughout the year. The first immediately after team selection, mid year, and at year end.
  • Coaching Round Tables where topics relevant and requested by the coaches at various age groups will be discussed.
  • Regular parent meetings to keep parents informed of your view of the team's progress as well as an opportunity for feedback from parents.

We will be putting an increased emphasis on goaltending this year within the program. To facilitate this, we will be requiring that one of the assistant coaches selected to for each team will focus on goaltender development. We will conduct specific goaltending skill development seminars for these coaches. These will focus on basic skill teaching and development as well as how to effectively develop practice plans that include goaltender development. We will also have specific goaltender development clinics where your goalies will be encouraged to attend.

"Mentoring" will be commonplace throughout the year, so don't be surprised if an unfamiliar coach shows up at your next practice. Our best coaches frequently borrow ideas from their fellow coaches to improve their players.

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