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The Missouri Hockey season is broken into three parts. 

Declaration Season - Games used to determine if teams have been correctly placed within their age level. Runs mid September through Mid October.

  • Declaration Season Phase 1 - Your team should schedule 3 games with teams in your division. You should use full sheets ice times for these games.
  • Declaration Season Phase 2 - Declaration Festival Weekend: MO Hockey will assign you 2 games. These will occur at a location assigned by MO Hockey.
  • Declaration Season Phase 3 - If MO Hockey feels that your team may need to move up/down divisions, you may need to play some cross divisional games.

2. Regular Season - Starts soon after declaration season and runs until mid-February. 

3. Playoffs - Typically start the weekend after President's Day and last until the first weekend of March. The State Championships, "Blue Note Cup," will take place the first weekend of March.

The exact dates are listed on Missouri Hockey's Important Dates page.

Game Scheduling

Scheduling Practice/Friendship Games

A practice game is a game against another team that a) includes refs and b) does not fit into any of the Missouri Hockey seasons. When you schedule a practice game, you do not need to notify Missouri Hockey, but you must sign up for officials on MIHOA's website. You will find instructions for that below. 

Scheduling Declaration Games

At the MO Hockey Coaches meeting prior to declaration season they will provide guidelines on how many games to schedule and might even instruct you to play games against teams at different levels. Plan to attend this meeting with your coach. Have your ice schedule printed and with you so you can set up games. You can use any full ice practice or make a trade for a full sheet.

Scheduling Regular Season Games

At the MO Hockey meeting between the end of declaration season and the start of the regular season, your age level commissioner will hand out the final division placements for each team along with instructions on how many regular season games you will be required to play against each team. Typically teams play 1 home and 1 away game with each team in their division. Once these divisions are set, you will be able to schedule your regular season games. Over the course of the last few years, teams have scheduled regular season games through email or over the phone prior to the MO Hockey Divisional Meetings. You will receive contact information for all coaches and mangers at your level. If you cannot schedule prior to the meeting, bring a printed out copy of your schedule to the meeting to schedule games with any teams you have not be able to get in contact with.. You can use any full ice practice or make a trade for a full sheet.

Scheduling Playoff Games

Every team in Missouri Hockey qualifies for and is required to participate in the playoffs. MO Hockey will handle the scheduling of the games. Late in the season a bracket will be available that outlines where each seed plays. However, these times are subject to change to ensure that an out-of-town team plays on a weekend. MO Hockey calls their playoffs "The Blue Note Cup."

Entering Games on Missouri Hockey

Teams are required to enter their home games into Missouri Hockey's website. Team managers will be given access by MO Hockey after the Coaches and Coordinators meeting that occurs in early September. You must enter games by deadline in order to have referees scheduled and not incur a penalty.

  1. Click here to Log into Missouri Hockey 
  2. Click Schedule Games.
  3. Select the season you're scheduling for.
  4. Enter your building, rink, date, time and opponent.

Once all of your games are scheduled for a particular season, both by you and the opponent team managers, click Finalize Schedules. At that time, Missouri Hockey will review and approve your schedules. 


The Missouri Ice Hockey Officials Association (MIHOA) is the organization that provides referees for each of your games.  

Any game you enter into Missouri Hockey's website will automatically schedule refs for your game. Games MUST be entered by the date provided by MO Hockey (Check the Important Dates page for this date.) However, that does not guarantee that referees will be there. You should always verify on MIHOA's website that they have allocated a ref. If not, you may have to reschedule a game.

Practice/friendship games, however, will require you to schedule your own officials on MIHOA's website (NOT Missouri Hockey).

Information on 22-23 MIHOA Procedures & Policies

Click here to Register for MIHOA's Website

Click here to Log into MIHOA's Website

Rescheduling a Game

If you need to reschedule a game for any reason after your schedules have been finalized, you must fill out a Game Rescheduling Form B.

You can download a copy of Form B on Missouri Hockey's Form page.

Typically rescheduling a game results in a fine by MIHOA, but in some circumstances the fine can be waived.  If a team no-shows for a game, they will be fined. This includes weather-related no-shows where the game was not canceled by MO Hockey or a rink closure. A Coach or Team Manager is not able to make a decision to cancel a game even if the other team is in agreement. Contact your division's commissioner.

6U & 8U Game Scheduling

6U/8U games will be scheduled by 6U/8U Coordinator. These are not entered on MO Hockey's website but will be entered on the Chesterfield Hockey Schedule.

If Referees are needed the designated person at your skill level who is scheduling games will take care of making the request to MIHOA.

6U/8U Managers can schedule and add tournament/jamboree games to their team calendars.

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