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Set up Email Groups

Most email providers allow you to set up Groups or Contact Lists. You'll save yourself some time if you start off creating groups for the following:

1. Your team parents

2. Other club team managers

3. CHA coaches

Most providers also allow you to set up Folders, having a designated Folder for all team related emails not only helps you stay organized throughout the season but allows you to easily find emails from previous seasons if necessary. 

Weekly Update Email

Best practice would be to send your team one email at the beginning of every week to remind them about the practices and games the week ahead. Items and information will pop up throughout each week. Create a draft email or document to save all of this info and then send all of the info in one email instead of multiple. Of course there are things that come up and require an immediate email, but try to stick to one a week. You can also send emails through the Sportsengine app. This will allow for emails to be archived.  

Team Accomplishments

When your team wins or finishes 2nd in a tournament, create a news/Facebook post about the tournament along with a team photo from the tournament with their award. Then notify the club Communications/Secretary about the team's accomplishment.

Team Building

Getting together as a team at someone's house, a park or even bowling can be a great way for your players to get to know one another. It's generally a good idea to schedule something early in the season. 

If you would like resever the conference room for a team event, watch game film back, etc please fill out the form below to check its availability.

Parent Info Cards

Once you've collected contact information from all of your parents and kids (for older teams), it's a good idea to print out a wallet sized card to distribute to your parents. They usually include player name, jersey number along with both parents' names and mobile numbers. Laminate the cards so they last longer.

Team Website

Team managers will be given access to manage your team's website on the CHA website. This will give you the ability to enter news and scores. You should not change any ice times as this will be done at the club level after an ice trade is approved.  Your team will be able to utilize all of features of Crossbar. Team practice schedules change often, sometimes without warning or notification and if you aren't relying on the schedule on the club's website your parents might miss a practice.

End-of-the-Season Party

Teams often have end-of-season parties. These could be a party at someone's house or just getting together somewhere for something such as bowling or laser-tag. Many teams use left over team funds. Some teams decide to purchase small team gifts for the players such as custom pucks or T-shirts. Coaches gifts are often purchased as a thank you at the end of the season. Ask for donations from families that are interested. 

Falcons Nest Catering Orders

If your team would like to host a team party or team meal at MUHC, you will need to order from the Falcons Nest as no outside food or beverage is allowed. You can place your team's order by reaching out to Laura. Menu below subject to change.

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