Beginning of Season Checklist

Beginning of the Season Checklist

  1. Schedule a Team Meeting: Work with your coach to pick a time and place after a practice to introduce the coach, yourself, the players and parents. Let the coach discuss expectations and any important details he/she wants to cover. 
  2. Background Check: Missouri Hockey requires all team managers to have a background check. These background checks expire every two years, so if you have completed one in the past, verify that your background check is still valid. The cost is $20 and can come out of your team funds.  Click here to visit the Missouri Hockey Screening Program
  3. USA Hockey Registration: USA Hockey requires all team managers to register with USA Hockey.  Click here for USA Hockey Registration
  4. SafeSport Training: Program offered by USA Hockey, training to prevent abuse. 90 minute course that must be completed by all Coaches and Managers on USA Hockey. Click here for link to Training 
  5. Chesterfield Hockey Manager Form: After registering with USA Hockey, your background check from MO Hockey is complete, and you have completed your Safesport Training, please fill out the Chesterfield Hockey Manager formYou should use your Sportsengine login that you use to register your player.
  6. Collect Initial Fees: At the start of the season, you should collect a minimum of $100 from each player to start your team account. For more information on the expenses that your team will have to cover, visit the Finance section of the manager information page.
  7. Set up a Team Account: As a team manager, we recommend having a separate account in your name separate from other personal accounts. You can get a separate bank account (check on fees and minimums), Paypal , Venmo, etc. Make sure you have a way to show parents how much is going in and out of your team account.
  8. Collect Contact Information: Collect names, phone numbers ,email addresses, jersey numbers from each of your parents. The club should have sent you the information parents registered with, so use this to start with and ask for any additions/changes. This isn't only for yourself, but to share with other parents on the team who may need help getting rides to practices or games. 
  9. Collect Documents: The following documents must be collected for each player. Your team meeting is the perfect time to do this.  Parent/Player/Coach Code of Conduct AND Copy of Birth Certificate 
  10. Build a Binder for Game Days: The documents you collect must be brought to each game, so we recommend that you set up a binder for your team. Check out the Game Management section for more information.
  11. Recruit Volunteers: Some team managers spread out responsibilities to other parents on the team. Possible positions are a Treasurer to manage finances, a Tournament Coordinator, Activities Coordinator or a Fundraising Coordinator. 
  12. Collect Coach Information: From each coach, collect their CEP#, their certification level and their USA Hockey number. You can search for USA Hockey #'s here: You can search for the CEP # here:
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