How To: Determine if your assigned ice is shared with another team

IMPORTANT: CrossBar is our official schedule repository tool. EVERYTHING related to your team MUST be put into CrossBar (this is mandatory). This allows everyone from the facility level (including staff), the club level (including staff), the Team level, and even the Family level - to have access to the exact same 1 source of truth when it comes to your particular schedule data and details. This keeps EVERYONE on the same page at any given point of time.

This INCLUDES making sure all of your games are listed in CrossBar. (See the other tutorials for more information).

Within CrossBar, each team is tagged with a unique identifier name; which is also used for Calendar & Schedule purposes. We have labeled them in a manner that matches up with the age level and skill level of each team.

Calendar View

There are many different ways to view your team calendar on CrossBar, but the following concept is what we want you to pay attention to in order to see if your team is sharing ice with another team OR if you have the full sheet to yourself. This is especially useful as you are determine which sheets should be used for games and / or what you have available to trade.

Notice the Tag

Pretend you are the team manager for the u18AA team; and you are looking at your team calendar on your Team Webpage. Below you will see two different dates for the upcoming week (this same concept applies if you look at it from the month view).

  • On Sunday the 26th, you will see that you have a full sheet of ice assigned to your team.
  • On Wednesday the 29th, you will see that you are sharing a sheet with another team, the 15UAA team.

Notice the u15AA tag. It is present on Wednesday the 29th, but there is no tag present on Sunday the 26th.

This is how you can tell from the calendar on your team webpage what ice is and is not shared.

Another Example

Now let's look at this same data from the club level master schedule (the schedule button found in the main navigation of the website). For this example we are just looking at the data for Wednesday the 29th, however both concepts can be seen in this screenshot.

  • Notice that the u15CS team is the only team listed for the 7:30pm-8:30pm. They have the full sheet to themselves.
  • Notice the u15AA and the u18AA tags on the next hour; those 2 teams are sharing ice.
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